Unplugged At Akamba!

By August 22, 2016Performance

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of singing a live gig at the Akamba Venue, Solihull, West Midlands.

Akamba is ‘a tropical garden centre’ but better described as ‘a little slice of Africa’ in Solihull. It is an amazing venue and really has to be seen to be believed.

Rehearsals for the event were minimal due to everyone’s busy schedule but we arranged a practice session at my home. There wasn’t much room in my living room with us all there but we managed to squeeze in and get the job done (keyboards, guitar, percussion and vocal!).

Sunday was all systems go and we arrived ready! The entourage; Colin, Leroy and Jes (hope you don’t mind being my entourage!), mucked in and set up was swift!

I was a little alarmed to see this huge space – apparently for dancing!

Well, I hadn’t planned a dancing gig! This was to be an intimate easy listening kind of night! WRONG!!! Akamba punters know how to rave!!!! By the time I’d heralded in Amy Winehouse’s Valerie, they’d swarmed the floor and remained until my last note 🙂

Oh, we had rave reviews (pardon the pun)! It was kind of crazy! Everyone gathered for photos and conversation! Hey Neelam, hope you and folks are doing ok! Neelam and folks are in the photo!

Huge thanks to Charles Kellyman (awesome guitarist), Israel Vernon (keyboards and baby of the group), and my special guest, the uber talented Milton Godfrey. Also to staff at Akamba.

Just finalising a couple more Akamba dates. Keep checking for details and enjoy the video!