Brand New Release

By January 20, 2022January 29th, 2022News

Brand New Release!


So, in between performing at the Simmer Down Festival, and the Black History Month Celebrations last year, I’ve been busy writing and recording. I’ve continued to work with saxophonist/producer Alvin Davis and guitarist Clive Diviney, as well as renewing links with the brilliant producer/engineer/mixer, Paul Horton.

We’ve been working on my new single – and it’s now READY!!!

I’m really excited to announce the forthcoming release of my new single ‘LIGHT OF LOVE’!!!

LIGHT OF LOVE is a wonderful, heart-warming rocksteady-jazz fusion, that I wrote for the most phenomenal man in my life – my late father

With its catchy vocal melody and beautiful saxophone embellishment, I know it’s a tune that you’ll ABSOLUTELY LOVE