Windrush Day at Soho House

By September 23, 2022March 22nd, 2023News

Windrush Day at Soho House.

I had the honour of telling my father’s story, as part of the Windrush Day acknowledgements in Birmingham.

My Jamaican born father, who came to the UK in 1953, was of the so called Windrush Generation.

Supported by my guitarist, Clive Diviney, I ‘wove’ traditional and contemporary songs throughout my father’s journey, including my self-penned tribute to him, ‘Light of Love’.

I was blessed to have Dr Vanley Burke, the ‘Godfather of Black British photography’, in my audience.

This was a special, although emotional event! The audience was with me every step of the way! There’s something really wonderful about how we can connect with each other through storytelling 🙂

It was a pleasure watching Laura perform her father’s journey with music. From beginning to end, her story was one of joy and sadness, and the determination to succeed in a foreign land against all odds. Laura’s beautiful jazzy voice, along with her story telling really pulls you into every moment. It was a great performance!

Del Toussaint

Laura Ige speaks with Dr Vanley Burke

You could be entitled to the Windrush Compensation Scheme.

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