Simmer Down 2021 Was Spectacular!!

By August 26, 2021November 26th, 2022News

Simmer Down 2021 was spectacular!

So wonderful to be back on stage, doing what I love to do the most 🙂

It was great to share some original tunes, along with all-time classics! My band didn’t disappoint, and the audience received us with much love and enthusiasm!

Nuff big ups to the Simmer Down crew xxx

Laura, well done on your performance. You really know how to talk to the crowd. Excellent singing, with a really good band behind you.

Godfrey BrownAudience

I love the jazz vibe, and as for the musicians – they were fab!

M MilliganAudience

I think you commanded the stage fantastically! Great performance!

C GabbidonAudience

Everyone was raving about how different and refreshing the band was.

Wayne ScottDrummer

Aint No Stoppin Us Now!!!