Windrush Heritage Project

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Windrush Heritage Project

Well, since my Windrush Day presentation at Soho House Museum, I’ve gone from strength to strength, sharing my father’s story as a Windrush pioneer.

I tell of his experience of leaving the Caribbean, the fortunes and misfortunes of his life in the UK, and of his dream of returning one day, to his beloved island of Jamaica.

I tell my father’s story using visuals, words and song; opening with my self-penned song Light of Love, that was dedicated to him. Light of Love is essentially a song about journey, and is a fitting introduction. With the accompaniment of a musician, I perform a variety of songs that represent the circumstances, and express the sentiments of the different eras of my father’s life journey.

Austin Road United Church of God and Pannel Croft Village invited me to share my heritage story, as part of their Black History Month celebrations for 2022.

Austin Road United Church of God

Austin Road United Church of God had a packed programme of guest speakers, poets and storytellers for their Black History Month observation. I delivered this presentation supported by guitarist, Clive Diviney. I particularly enjoyed my experience there, and received some amazing feedback.

Thank you for sharing a well-received journey, that touched us all.
You captured the audience with your authenticity, and were such an inspiration.

Pastor Paul Rhoden

So many relatable life links. Well delivered and equally stirring.

Minister Paulette Rhoden

Pannel Croft Village

I was joined by guitarist Basil Gabbidon for this presentation. It was so wonderful to see elders from my community and those of younger generations connecting with my story.

Heartbreak and joy! Inspiring and uplifting! A personal story filled with shared experiences.

J Gerald

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